Boerne Blonde

Flavor / Balance: Easy to drink, balanced beer… not necessarily just for Blondes! Our number one Seller!
Grains: 2 Row, Crystal 20, Crystal Maple
Hops: Columbus and Cascade
Yeast: House Chico

Category: Year Round

Weiss’ Hefeweizen

Flavor/Balance: Brewed with Ireks German Pilsner Malt, this sudi traditional Hefe is made of over 50% wheat! Expect notes of banana and clove from the yeast w/ a bready palate from the wheat. This unfiltered wheat brew goes well with an Orange slice.

The Weiss family was the original owner of the house that CCB is in today!

Grain:  Wheat Malt, German Pilsner Malt, Rice Hulls, Crystal 120, Crystal Maple, Special B
Hops:  Columbus and Cascade
Yeast: Hefeweizen 1

Category: Year Round

Creekside IPA (India Pale Ale)

Flavor/Balance: Our hoppiest beer! Bitter, but not over the top with crystal malts balancing out the bitterness Think citrus, stone fruit, and a touch of pine on nose and palate. We’re a stone’s throw from Cibolo Creek, so pull up a seat on the Creekside and enjoy Boerne!
Grains: 2 Row, Crystal 40, and Crystal Maple
Hops: Columbus, Centennial, Falconer’s Flight, Zythos, Ekuanot and Summer
Yeast: House Chico

Category: Year Round

48er’s Porter

Flavor/Balance: Named after some of the original northern European settlers to the Boerne and Hill Country area. Our cooler weather porter is a dark beer drinkers joy. Loads of roasty and coffee flavors on the pallet and nose, butt thin enough body to leave room for a few:)
Grains: Pale Malt, Chocolate, Munich 10, Dextrine Malt, Crystal 60, Special B, Black Patent
Hops: Summit, Cascade, Centennial
Yeast: English Ale 5

Category: Year Round

Lost Mail Pale Ale

Flavor/Balance: Imagine our Postman’s Pale Ale went through some hazy fog and became stranded on a lost tropical island filled with delicious hops – meet the ‘Lost Mail Pale Ale’. A NE Pale Ale w/ a unique yeast strain that adds its own tropical flavors. Expect a hazy appearance, huge tropical notes on the nose, and first taste on the tongue. Finishes dryer than the typical NE Pale Ale, with a slightly piney finish from the excess hops. mmmm, hops
Grain: 2 Row, Wheat Malt, Dextrine Malt, Crystal 20, Special B
Hops: Amarillo, Citra, Galaxy, and Vic Secret
Yeast: Tropical IPA

Category: Year Round