Lunch/Dinner Menu

Our craft beers pay homage to the local area’s history, landscape, and people, as well as our historical building and location adjacent to Cibolo Creek. We brew with personally selected grains and other fine ingredients to produce truly unique flavors for your enjoyment. Cheers!

  • Imperial Pint $7
  • 1/2 Pint $4
  • Five Beer Flight $13


Ellie’s Lavender Lemonade

  • Carafe $8 / Glass $3.50

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea

  • $3 – free refills

Premium Bottled Sodas

  • $3.50

Home Brewed Soda

  • $3.50 – free refills

French Press Coffee (3-4 cups)

  • $7

Step # 1…pick one

  • Mac n’Cheese
  • 1 Grazer
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Tortilla Wrapped Hot Dog

Step # 2…pick one

  • Oranges
  • Carrot Sticks
  • French Fries

Step # 3…pick one

  • Chocolate Milk
  • 2% Milk
  • Juice Box
  • Water

Market Board

Rotating selection of artisanal cheeses, meats and seasonal pickled veggies – paired with our unique beer mustard and house-made jam $19

Bier Buns (a family favorite)

Delicious potato roll filled with browned goat, cab-bage & cheese. Add a fried egg—awesome!

  • Single $6
  • Double $11

CCB Wings

8 pieces—your choice of sauce……Peach Chipotle or Savory Creekside IPA $12.50

“Main” Street Taco

Caramelized, slow roasted pork belly or marinated, pan roasted portabella

  • Pork $6
  • Portabella $6

Chili Cheese Fries!

Our famous fries covered with house chili, topped w/ cheese and onions


Homemade Fries (why not!)

Hand-cut daily and fried in a sunflower blend oil

  • Pile of Fries $5

Chips and Salsa

Corn chips with two freshly made salsas $6.50

CCB Beer Pretzels

Two house made pretzels using our beer, along with sliced cheddar cheese $5

Prosciutto Flatbread

House made red sauce, basil, prosciutto and mozzarella $12.5

Our purpose is simple…..provide a welcoming environment for family, friends, neighbors, and travelers alike. We hope our beer inspires you, our farm-sourced food fuels you, and our home provides the comfort of your own. As a family, we share a love for a good drink, a great meal, and good old-fashioned conversation.

It’s our pleasure to offer these to you. Cheers!

Mediterranean Quinoa 

tomatoes, cucumbers, chicks peas, Kalamata olives, dates on spinach with feta cheese and lemon herb vinaigrette!

  • $11.50 full
  • $6 half

Harvest Cobb

pickled egg, bacon, cranberry, goat cheese crumbles, green apple and walnuts over spinach/kale mix w/ poppy seed dressing $12 full


spring mix, cherry tomatoes, pickled snap peas, red onions, and herb vinaigrette

  • $11 full
  • $5.50 half


plain and roasted poblano — served with carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and bread

  • $7.50

Texas Style Pork Chili

chili con carne, a blend of bold spices, ground heritage pork in a rich sauce served w/ diced onion and shredded cheese $8.5 bowl

Soup Du Jour

rotating seasonal ingredients—please ask our staff for today’s options!

  • $4.5 cup
  • $7.50 bowl

all sandwiches served w/fresh-cut french fries & pickle—sub a small salad or sautéed veggies for $4


Hill Country Grazers on Potato Roll

Two slider burgers with mixture of goat and grass fed beef, w/ pickled onions, house mayo & beer mustard $14

Chicken Fried Chicken Sandwich on Potato Bun

Fried chicken, chipotle cabbage slaw, IPA ranch dressing and pickled red onions $14

The BEST Burger on Potato Roll

1/3 lb Wagyu and grass fed Beef from South Texas w/spring mix, pickled onions, house mayo & beer mustard $14.50

House-made Veggie patty is an option! $12.50

French Dip

Herb rubbed, seared/roasted eye of round beef w/ caramelized onion, house mayo/mustard, swissh cheese, au jus  $14.5

Chicken Salad Sliders

Our fall chicken salad recipe, w/ walnuts, cranberries, mayo, arugula on our potato roll slider buns $14

CCB Loaded Hot Dog

1/4 lb grilled beef/pork dog w/ house mayo & mustard, slaw, pickled red onion, topped w/ Sriracha lime sauce $11

Texas Chili Cheese Dog

1/4 lb grilled beef/pork dog w/ house mustard, topped w/ house chili, diced onion and shredded cheese $13.5

Hill Country Quail

Two herb marinated Bandera quail, pan roasted, served over roasted carrots, sweet potatoes, topped with brown butter sauce $21

Off The Menu

** Ask us what the kitchen is making especially for you today **

Bacon $1.50

Grilled Chicken $5

Cheese Slice $1.25

Fried or Pickled Egg $1.25

Avocado $1.50

Mac’n Cheese $5

Gluten Free Bread $3

Kids Milk $3.50 / Juice $2.50

Happily, we are a NO TIPPING establishment. Our menu pricing allows us to pay our Team to be the best, which is what you deserve as our guests.